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How many cows are in your region?


Did you know?

There are 11,748 dairy herds in New Zealand

Here are some really cool facts about New Zealand cows and milk!

Perhaps you see cows in fields when you're out with your parents, you might even see them walking down the farm race to the shed to be milked, but how many litres of milk do all the dairy cows in Moo Zealand produce? Over 21 billion litres of milk a year! Farmtastic!!

Do you know how many dairy cows are in the region you live in? Take a look at the map below; I bet you'll be very surprised!

Did you know?

All of those herds contain a total of 4.86 million milking cows!

The North Island has almost three quarters (73%) of dairy herds on it, while the South Island has around one quarter of all the dairy herds in New Zealand (27%).

If you add up all the numbers, the North Island has 2,880,000 cows on it, that's almost 3 million and the South Island has 1,920,000, that's almost 2 million!! Cow moovellous, hehe!

My head is so full of numbers now that I need to put my hooves up and relax - I mooght just watch a few of my moovies.

Rosies NZ How Many Cows Map