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Me and my friends are on a dairy adventure!

Nate and I have invited a few more of my friends along to help teach you about the absomootely farmtastic ways farmers are looking after the land and waterways.

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Let me reintroduce you to Eelaine, Doggy Dog and Beetrice!

We all love our environment and know that farmers are working hard to help look after it. They are doing things like fencing off waterways from cows and planting the land beside waterways – known as riparian zones.

Check out the videos below, it's time to learn all about looking after waterways with Nate.

Did you know that 97% of NZ farm waterways are fenced?

Watch our video now to find out how many kilometres that is!

Did you know that riparian planting can help wildlife thrive in waterways?

Eelaine’s here to show you how it’s been done on farms! Make sure you watch her movie to find out more about the wildlife that farmer Stu Muir has been able to make a home for!

Doggy Dog is ready to tell you all about hi-tech cow barns for when it gets very chilly or wet!

Would you believe that they have curtains, fans, speakers and cow scratchers? Make sure you watch his video to discover what other cool gadgets are also in these barns!

Woah, did you know that bees flap their wings over 200 times a second, that’s what makes them buzz!

Beetrice has heaps more buzzy facts to tell you about bees on farms, so you better watch her movie now to learn them all!

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