All About Dairy

Nate's Adventures


Me and my friend Nate are on a dairy adventure!

We loved learning about the nutritional goodness of dairy products on our last adventure, but Nate just told me he's never been on a dairy farm before and I just had to show him what it's like.

So this time, we're going to visit the farm to see how everyone's friends, town and country could be connected to dairy farming.

Don't forget -  there's another farmtastic cowpetition underway and you could win ONE of TWO Lego & Instax Camera Prize Packs! So keep your ears open for any interesting facts that could be the answers to my quiz questions. Enter now!

Join us as we go find out how all that delicious milk gets from the farm to the dairy factory!

Come along and go behind the farm gate with us to find out what makes our fab farmers tick and the good work that they do!