All About Dairy



Yogurt Fun Facts:

  • Yogurt is one of nature’s superfoods!
  • The oldest record of yogurt being used was in Central Asia around 6000 B.C. – that's 8000 years ago!
  • Frozen yogurt is similar to ice-cream and was first made nearly 50 years ago!
  • Yogurt is a word from the Middle Eastern country Turkey.
  • Oxford English Dictionary recognizes at least a dozen spellings of the word "yogurt”.

All about yogurt…

Yogurt is made by adding good bacteria also know as cultures to milk to start the fermenting process. Eating yogurt can help protect you from heart disease and can reduce our risk of high blood pressure.

Balkan, Swiss and Greek are the 3 main types of yogurt and the main difference between these is the thickness. Greek yogurt packs an extra punch with nearly two times the protein than traditional varieties!

The good bacteria in yogurt is what makes yogurt super healthy!

Yogurt is an excellent source of protein and vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, and riboflavin. Some yogurts have probiotics, which really help digestion and improve your imoooone system.

Probiotics also break down the lactose in yogurt, which means in some cases, people who can’t normally eat dairy because of lactose allergies, are able to eat yogurt.