Rosie's Corner

Blenheim and Lake Grassmere


It’s so nice here in the Marlborough region and today I’m in Blenheim. They produce more wine here than anywhere else in the country, it’s home to some internationally recognised, and award winning sauvignon blanc’s.

I’ve just visited Lake Grassmere, which is where about half the salt used in New Zealand households comes from. Saltwater from the Pacific Ocean comes into the lake, then gets pumped into shallow pools, and through a process called solar evaporation, the water slowly disappears leaving behind salt.

These shallow evaporation pools are pink, and there are huge mounds of white salt along the banks of the lake, which some people say makes this place look like an alien landscape.

This is also where the salt comes from for a lot of the salt lick blocks that cows love so much. I’ve taken a few of them with me to keep my mineral levels up.

I’ve had such an indulgent time lately, with all the salt blocks I can lick and tonnes of grapes to eat!

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