Rosie's Corner

The Beehive and Kahu the Kea

Beehive Wellington POD

As the NZ Dairy Industry Cowbassador I’ve always got official duties to perform, and while I was in Wellington I paid a visit to The Beehive.

The Beehive is such a hive of activity and it’s always buzzing. It’s home to our Parliament, and it’s where all the big decisions for our country are made, such as how we spend our money, and what new laws should be made.

John Key is the big cowhuna, the herd honcho, our Prime Minister. The first time I met him I was really nervous, but he’s so nice, and when I asked John what the key to our economy was, he said ”The dairy industry of course Rosie!”

Maybe I’ll run for Prime Moonister one day, would you vote for me?

I’ve had such a busy time lately that I thought I’d treat myself to a rest and a coffee in one of Wellington’s many cafes. This is my first time in a cafe, but I did drink from a calfeteria a lot when I was young.

The dairy industry plays a huge part in our love for cafes. Thousands of litres of our milk are used every day in cafes around New Zealand, in most of our flat whites, cappuccinos, and lattes. And of course there’s also all the products needed for most of the muffins, scones, biscuits, cakes, and slices.

If you’re wondering why I’m resting up, it’s because after The Beehive I spent the rest of the day looking around The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, where I met my new friend Kahu the Kea.

He took me around Te Papa, and showed me Story Place and read me some cool books. He also took me to see the Discovery Centres and I learnt about stuff like Maori culture and nature. Story Place and the Discovery Centres are specially designed for kids, and families. They’re so mooch fun, next time you’re at Te Papa go check them out, and if you see my friend Kahu the Kea, give him a big hug from me.

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