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Rosie's tour of Africa

  • I’m on safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa
    13714 560X350 D

    I'm hoping to see The Big 5: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo.

    Cow oh cow, this is exciting! I’ve already spotted some African elephants, the biggest land animal, and I’m eager to see a cheetah, the fastest land animal in the world. Cheetahs can run up to 114km/h. That’s three times faster than Usain Bolt!

    Once I’ve finished my safari, I’ll drop in on an animal that’s become famous for another reason – my South African cowsin, Super Moo. She produces more than 100 litres (that’s a bathtub full) of milk every day. Her owner had no idea she would be such a moovellous milk maker. He only bought her to provide manure for his grapevines!

    Visiting Africa has been a truly cowtastic experience and I wish I had more time to and meet some more of the 1 billion people that live here. Then again, it will be nice to get home to the farm and find out what I’ve missed.

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  • Hujambo! I’m in Kenya now
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    Kenya is halfway down the African east coast and right on the equator; an imaginary line drawn around the planet that’s half way between the north and south poles.

    I’m hanging out with the awesome Maasai people who are famous for being cattle herders and warriors! The Maasai tribes live in the wilderness and surround their villages with fences of acacia thorns to stop lions attacking their cattle!

    A typical Maasai family owns around 130 cattle. The people drink milk, fresh and curdled, every single day. It must give them a lot of strength and energy, because yesterday I watched a special dance. Young warriors sang and jumped as high as they could, never letting their heels touch the ground. I have never seen a Kiwi jump that high!

    Did moo know that Kenyan people are amazing long distance runners too?

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  • Salaam! I’m now in Marrakesh, Morocco, in the north-east of Africa.
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    I just got back from an incredible camel trek to a place called Erg Chegaga in the famous Sahara Desert. Erg means sand-sea and that’s exactly what it looked like. We slept under a trillion stars in the middle of the dunes, saw the Milky Way and shooting stars, and in the morning watched the moost beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen.

    My new friends the camels taught me that their soft padded feet spread wide on the sand to stop them sinking, they can close their nostrils in a sandstorm, and their hump does not contain water but fat. They are very fit, too - they can walk 160 kilometres a day, which is further than Auckland to Cambridge.

    Don’t forget about my Cowbot or the awesome Explorer cowpetition!

    I’m off to relax with a cup of mint tea, a Moroccan specialty, before setting off on more adventures.

  • MarHaba everyone!
    13714 560X350 A

    I’ve just arrived in Egypt, in the northeast of Africa and I can’t wait to look around this incredible place.

    I have been staying in Egypt’s capital city Cairo, which is very close to the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Did you know that the Sphnix is half-man, half lion, five storeys high and as long as a football field!

    Tomorrow, I’m off to the Valley of the Kings, the place where Egyptian rulers known as Pharaohs are buried. It’s moost famous for the tomb of Tutankhamun and so large that new tomb entrances and chambers are still being discovered. The walls of these tombs are covered in symbols called hieroglyphics, which look like small drawings but are actually an ancient language that’s over 5000 years old!

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