Beetrice With Single Beehive

Hello honeys! I’m Beetrice, a honeybee!

I’m so happy to introduce myself to all of you, I just love making new friends, and hopefully some of you will think I’m sweet enough to bee-friend. I also love hovering around with all of my old bee friends; I’ve got over 40,000 of them you know!

I love to keep busy, I’m a busy little bee you could say, and I spend nearly every waking hour working. I’m constantly flying from my hive to flowers to collect pollen, and then back to the hive to drop it off, then back to get more pollen from more flowers… well you get the picture!!!

My favourite types of flowers are clovers, which is why I chose to live in a hive on a farm. Apart from working, I also love to dance, and my favourite type of music is 70’s disco. I'm also very good at maths, and I’ve learnt to calculate the distance between flowers on the farm and my hive!!

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