Harry the Harrier

Harry Pointing

Churr-p!! I'm Harry the Australasian Harrier

I'm a true blue, born and bred New Zealander and I've spent all of my life on farms – or rather, above them!

You’ve probably seen my airborne friends as you’ve driven through the countryside. We are New Zealand’s largest and most common bird of prey.

When it comes to history, especially the subjects of farming and aviation, I'm no bird brain. In fact, I’m very knowledgeable indeed (even if I do say so myself).

I’m a pretty fine flier, too. When I hunt, I hold my large wings in a shallow V and soar on thermal winds before diving for prey. My favourite foods are rabbits, fish, lizards and crunchy insects. Yum!

Did I mention that lady harriers like me a lot, especially when I show off my steep dives and loops? I often see them giving me the eye!

Speaking of eyes – want to know a fun fact? When I was born my eyes were dark brown. When I turned two they changed to orange, and a year later they turned yellow. Strange but true.

Must fly – see ya!

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