Kia Ora Kiwi


Chur children, Kia Ora Kiwi in the whare!

I’m a North Island Kiwi - originally from the far north, but now I stay at the Maungatautari Reserve. I’m a born and bred, loud proud kiwi, you know, a New Zealander, like a lot of you I’m guessing.

Just like any true blue New Zealander I’m a massive fan of the All Blacks, the Black Caps, and the Warriors, but my favourite team is the Kiwis of course.

I am a bit different than most Kiwis (the bird kind I mean) because most Kiwis are grumpy fullas who don’t really like the company of people and they’re always trying to stay out of sight. But not me! I love hanging out with anyone and anything.

I’m not the shy or quiet type. I’m a bit of a nightlife lover too, and after staying up to the wee small hours of the morning you can usually find me sleeping all day.

My favourite food is grubs and insects, which I used to love cooking in a hangi, but since we aren’t allowed to light fires in the reserve I’ve been eating them raw - bit of a trendy fulla aye? Ya know, on to that whole raw food diet trend and all aye!


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