Toby the Cat


Meow are you doing? I hope you're feeling awesome - my name's Toby!

Toby Behind

I’m a  Tabby cat, and I’ve lived on Rosie’s farm in Raglan ever since her farmer rescued me from the SPCA when I was just a little kitten. My job on the farm is to keep all of the pests like mice and magpies out of the barn and sheds.

Everyone tells me I’m a curious cat, probably because I love exploring every inch of our farm. I also love going on adventures with my best pal Rosie, and helping her to solve whatever problem Matt the farmhand has gotten himself in to.

My favourite food is sardines, which I only get to eat when I manage to sneak them out of Matt the farmhand’s sardine sandwiches - but don’t tell him, he hasn’t figured out that it’s me yet!

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