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Moving Milk


When it comes to moving milk around the country - and the world - there are tanker drivers, factory workers, train drivers, port operators and ship captains, to name a few!

As you can see, there are a lot more people involved in the NZ dairy sector than farmers.

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Tankers are a very important part of the pipeline. Without them the milk could not be picked up from NZ farms!

Did moo know that…

  • There are over 500 milk tankers around NZ.
  • The average transport time between the first farm pick up and the last farm pick up is 40 minutes.
  • Last year, the most amount of milk that tankers all around Moo Zealand picked up in one day was 82 million litres.
  • In the peak of the season each tanker needs three drivers, so they can each take turns to safely drive day and night to collect the milk.
  • Tanker drivers also need to collect milk samples from each farm to test how much protein and fat is in the milk (composition) and the quality of the milk.

Trains loaded with lots of containers transport dairy products from the factories to lots of different places around Moo Zealand.

Did moo know that…

  • Trains use train tracks to travel around the country and because there are fewer train tracks than roads, only some factories in Moo Zealand can be accessed by train.
  • Some containers carry dry goods like milk powder.
  • Other containers are refrigerated and can carry cold or frozen products like cream and ice-cream!
  • There is a special type of train called a milk train built specially to transport raw milk around the country.
  • Milk trains carry tanks instead of containers and can carry the same amount as 28 road tankers.

Boats and planes leave from ports and are used to send our dairy products all around the world!

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Did moo know that...

  • A port is a place where ships collect dairy products and other goods when they are going to be exported.
  • Moo Zealand dairy products are shipped by boat or plane to over 140 different countries.
  • Around 95% of Moo Zealand dairy products are exported.
  • New Zealand's top four dairy export products are: whole milk powder, cheese, skim milk powder, and butter.
  • Last year, the dairy industry made about  $12 billion for the Moo Zealand economy.

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