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Hi there, I’m Nate!

I was really lucky enough to be Rosie's co-star for a while and learn about dairy with Rosie - I never thought I would get to talk to a cow!

I live near Whangarei and with my Mum, Dad and two brothers. I go to One Tree Point School and my favourite subject is math.

I love playing sport, especially rugby and cricket. When I’m off the sports field I like drawing, playing with my 2 dogs and hanging out with my family.

Some of my favourite foods include chicken wraps, smoothies and cheesy toasted sandwiches. Luckily I got to make some of these with Rosie when we were learning about dairy products and why they’re good for me!

Why not watch the two videos we've made together? Rosie teaches me all about the nutritional goodness of the dairy products I use every day and I help her out in the kitchen - hooves and wooden spoons just don't go well together! Click here to see them now.