All About Dairy



Shorter, cooler days mean autumn has arrived and with it comes rain


The rain ensures grass is growing well again and there’s plenty to go around.

This is the time of year when the herd gradually finishes milking for the season, it’s often called the drying-off period.

With less time spent milking, farmers can focus on maintenance – things like fencing, drainage, planting and making improvements to the farm dairy.

To keep things on track, farmers now need to plant winter crops and plan ahead for winter and even think as far ahead as spring.

Health is important at this time of year - the soil is tested to make sure it’s healthy enough to grow the best grass and crops, and young cows are regularly checked and weighed to make sure they’re healthy too.

Farmers have to watch out for autumn pests that can damage soil and crops. Beetles, weevils, grubs, crickets and caterpillars can all harm crops and cost the farmer a lot of money.

During autumn, farming families have more free time to have a break and enjoy some time away from the farm.