All About Dairy



Winter on a dairy farm is when cows have a break

It's just like when you’re on your school holidays and because they’ve stopped producing milk, it’s called the dry period.


They spend their days eating plenty and relaxing, getting ready for the birth of their calves in spring.

Pasture grows much slower during the winter, so this is the time of year when farmers use hay and silage to make sure their cows stay healthy and well-fed (remember the pickled grass the farmer made at the start of summer?).

Have you ever heard of the word ‘pugging’? It’s when wet soil and pasture are churned up and down by the feet of heavy animals. Pugging can spoil the paddocks for a long time.

To avoid damaging soil, some cows spend part of wet winter days indoors, in a lovely cosy barn. As well as helping to save the paddocks, the cows stay clean and dry and can lie down comfortably – it’s a bit like a cow hotel!