Rosie's Big OE Game!


Looking for Rosie's blue eartag number?

Scroll down to find it but don't forget to play the game while you're here ...

I’m back from my travels and I’ve brought you something farmtastic – Rosie’s Big OE game!

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Have a whole world of fun while learning cool facts about the countries that love our dairy products.

Chill the milk in India! Run the Great Wall of China! Do the mambo in Cuba! Get brain freeze in Europe! Spot the Big 5 in Africa! Earn stickers and dress my cowbot in all kinds of cowrazy costumes!

You may experience some loading issues when playing this game on a PC. For the best user experience, download the app to your favourite device!


Well done, you've found it!

The last of my missing numbers is the blue number you can see in the middle of the bouncing image.

Before you head off exploring, make sure you play my Big OE game and discover some of the exciting places that buy New Zealand milk.

Have you found all of Rosie's missing numbers?

Fill in the competition form with all five of your missing numbers and win yourself a farmtastic prize!

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