Rosie's Calf Club


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Rosie's Calf Club is a farmtastic, free online game that lets you adopt your very own pet calf and teaches you how to look after it.

Care For Your Own Calf





Care for your own calf

Rosie's Calf Club is easy. Follow the instructions to look after your calf and get it ready for Calf Club Day. The game lasts for 12 days, and you need to log in each day, to look after your calf.

Unlock Cool Rewards



Unlock cool rewards

Every day you can choose a reward to make your farm look cool, or choose another animal friend for your calf. You can print a picture of your farm anytime.

Calf Club Day



Calf Club Day - final event

After 12 days you are ready for Calf Club Day. 
Win ribbons for rearing and leading, plus a special ribbon for completing the final quiz. At the end you will get a certificate you can print out.